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Simultaneous interpreting for Fosun International, Ltd.复星 on multiple US-China Business Leaders Roundtable meetings中美商业领袖圆桌会议 at One Chase Manhattan Plaza, such as China Entrepreneurs Forum亚布力中国企业家论坛 with participants including Lawrence Yuan Tian田源,Chairman of the US-China Business Leaders Roundtable中美商业领袖圆桌会议 and Chairman of the China Entrepreneurs Forum亚布力中国企业家论坛,Wendy Deng邓文迪 and Nobel Prize winner, economic professor Joseph Stiglitz from Columbia University, Ariana Huffington (founder and publisher of Huffington Post), Gary Locke (the former US ambassador to China), and Qiyue Zhang (the Chinese Consul-General in New York City 中国驻纽约总领事章启月), including breakout sessions such as finance, real estate, healthcare and pharmaceutical

Consecutive interpreting for Tishman Speyer's collaboration with Shanghai Municipal Government上海市政府 on 'Amazing Shanghai 魅力上海' exhibition at the Rockefeller Center Plaza 


PR and consecutive interpreting for Longhu Group's龙湖 executive education at Wharton School of Business

Consecutive interpreting for Paramount Group's private meetings for potential cooperation with Taikang 泰康人寿

Consecutive interpreting for Corcoran and Goldstein Hill & West Architects for a real estate seminar event on the Upper West Side of New York City

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